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Shortfall insurance

Shortfall insurance is the vital protection every driver needs

Shortfall insurance is the ultimate protection against a financial setback. In the unimaginable event your vehicle is written off Natloans protects you from financial shortfall. So if your car insurance payout falls short, any balance remaining on your vehicle loan is covered. With full protection like this, you can drive easy.

Natloans shortfall insurance ensures you drive with utmost peace of mind. Offering flexibility on the level of cover you select. You will be paired with an insurance solution fit for your lifestyle and financial position. Meanwhile we hand you direct access to Australia’s most trusted insurance providers. So you are guaranteed the best insurance product available on the market.

Bridge the gap with customised shortfall insurance
Shortfall insurance is also known as gap or equity insurance. This is a must for anyone with vehicle finance. Consider that your vehicle depreciates as soon as you leave the showroom. Plus added costs such as on-road fees, registration, dealer delivery or even stamp duty included in your loan. It is easy for your finance to exceed the value of your vehicle. Thus exposing you to a shortfall gap.

Shortfall insurance is an increasingly popular option for car owners. So if you are considering vehicle finance you cannot overlook the value of shortfall insurance. Not only are you guaranteed financial peace of mind, but benefits such as:

  • Protection up to $20,000
  • Credit and financial rating protection
  • Insurance costs included in your vehicle finance
  • Options to access funds for the expense of replacing your vehicle
  • Once-off premium payment to protect you for the agreed loan duration

Natloans ensures your vehicle insurance won’t fall short
Natloans is your one-stop shop for all your vehicle finance and insurance needs. Our award-winning finance brokers can also assist you with the ideal vehicle finance. Shortfall insurance needs to be arranged at the start of your loan contract. So you can trust Natloans to ensure end-to-end protection in just one call.

Protect your financial position and leave nothing to chance. Contact us for a customised shortfall insurance solution today.

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