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Secured Personal Car Loans

Accelerate your car ownership ambitions with convenient collateral

Secured personal car loans get all engines firing towards your vehicle ownership goals. You immediately enjoy your new car, competitive interest rates and financial flexibility. Meanwhile your lender conveniently holds the car as security until your loan is fully paid. Then ownership is all yours. Natloans ensures your finance is driven by end-to-end cost efficient loan structure. So you hit ignition on your new car without being road-blocked by hefty cost liabilities.

Want the best possible secured car loan? Then go through the best possible source. Natloans has been named Australia’s Best Vehicle Finance Broker for 2010 and 2011. Because we enjoy extensive networks of quality lenders alongside total market independence. So we work on your behalf in sourcing the right secured car loan for your needs.

Natloans does all the legwork. All you need to do is provide evidence of:

  • Full time employment
  • Current home ownership
  • Ability to satisfy your car loan repayments
  • Clean credit history or satisfaction of all previous defaults

You can apply online right now and have your secured car loan pre-approved in just 10 minutes. Simply complete Natloans easy online application.

Secured car loans drive smooth borrowing
Custom car finance demands cost efficiency and flexibility at every turn. Depend on Natloans secured car loans for both. You will drive better with:

  • Highly competitive interest rates from 7.81 %
  • Fixed interest rates for clear cost certainty
  • Daily reducing interest so you pay less every day
  • Zero penalties on extra payments
  • Freedom to buy new or used cars through dealership or private vendors
  • Flexible loan terms up to 7 years
  • Exclusive new car discounts including on fuel efficient models

Secured car loans: a matter of interest
Secured car loans fuel lower interest rates. Because your lender bears less risk by holding your car as security. Natloans specialise in securing the most competitive market interest rates as this comparison table shows:

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Yet Natloans goes beyond low interest rates alone. Ensuring your secured loan delivers the most cost-efficient car finance overall. Speak to our experts today for the most reliable roadworthy secured car loan solution.

Why choose natloans?

Low Fixed Rates*

Same Day Approvals*

We Compare, YOU Save

Up to 7 year Loan Term

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