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Optimum business performance with a chattel mortgage solution

Chattel mortgages are the flexible finance solution for securing your next business vehicle. Let Natloans clinch you significant taxation rewards with this customised car finance. Shaped to fit your business structure. You can immediately enjoy the productivity rewards of your car without hampering vital business capital. So you will be free to revel in the rewards of car ownership sooner.

Natloans chattel mortgage specialists swiftly pair your commercial car needs with premium loan terms. Sourced directly from their trusted Australian lender network. So you are guaranteed the best mortgage solution for your new chattel. And because we are completely independent we provide objective advice on the most appropriate finance solution for your business.

Mortgage vital chattel with smart yet simple finance
Commercial vehicle financing requires responsive clear-cut solutions. That is why chattel finance is ideal for businesses expanding their fleet or purchasing their first vehicle. Chattel mortgages are essentially straight-forward. Your lender will take a mortgage over your selected vehicle. So the vehicle title always remains with your company. At completion of the contract the mortgage is removed. So your car can continue to deliver essential business results.
Chattel mortgages are the perfect finance solution for tax savvy businesses. If your vehicle is to be used mainly for business purposes this is the finance solution for you. Offering:

  • GST rewards through depreciation deductions on your chattel
  • Taxation rewards for interest paid on your mortgage
  • Full GST tax credits for businesses operating a cash accounting system

A tailored chattel mortgage to suit your business
Enjoy the financial stability of a chattel mortgage. With interest rates fixed for your loan term you can budget your repayments accordingly. Plus with the flexibility to make extra payments, this solution works to your individual business needs. You will also access:

  • Flexible contract durations
  • Competitive interest rates from 8.50%
  • Balloon or residual payment options to reduce obligations

Depend on award-winning brokers Natloans to drive home your tailored car mortgage solution. Speak to one of our chattel specialists today. Or apply online to ascertain your borrowing potential.

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