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Balloon Payments

How can balloon payments benefit you?

Cash flow is crucial to any borrower, personal or business. So balloon payments on car finance lets you keep more cash in hand throughout your loan lifespan. Incorporating a balloon payment facility into your car loan is a strong way to improve budgeting, affordability and cash flow. Yet not all balloon payments are created equal and borrower caution is crucial. That’s why savvy borrowers depend on Natloans award winning vehicle finance brokers.

We support borrowers to leverage balloon payments for optimum financial benefit. So you can take advantage of smaller monthly repayments and healthier cash flow.

What is a balloon payment?

Balloon payments are a frequently offered option in car loans. Essentially borrowers trade off a lump sum payment upon loan completion for lower monthly repayments. This means you satisfy the bulk of your principal at the end of your car loan term. Meanwhile your monthly repayments are reduced by primarily paying off interest. This leaves you with more cash in hand throughout your car loan lifespan.

Balloon payments can win you several additional benefits including:

  • Improved overall loan affordability
  • Time to improve your financial position
  • Closer match of your principal repayment with car value
  • Fixed rates so you know your balloon payment amount from the outset
  • Opportunity to budget for balloon payment satisfaction over a manageable timeframe

Balloon payments can even help you upgrade your car frequently. Because you take immediate vehicle title, you can sell your car in order to satisfy the loan balloon payment. Leaving you free to take out new finance for a newer car boasting latest creature comforts.

Your personal balloon payment specialist

Balloon payments can financially enhance your car loan terms. Yet it’s crucial to select your balloon payment wisely. Otherwise you risk taking on more debt than you can afford when your balloon payment falls due. Don’t jeopardise your car ownership, creditworthiness or cash flow. Natloans swiftly pin point healthy balloon payment structures to compliment your car loan. And help you drive your car loan with a sound cash flow strategy.

Get a Natloans broker to help you with your online car loan application and balloon payment selection today.

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